The Perfect Coffee


Do you know how to prepare a coffee with a Chemex? Considered a cult object in the world of coffee, the visual elegance and functionality of this coffee maker combine to make an exquisite filter coffee in just 5 minutes.

The Chemex coffee maker was invented in 1941 by the chemist Peter Schlumbohn with the aim of achieving the perfect cup of coffee: thanks to the conical shape of its upper part, it achieves an ideal filtering time in which all the noblest nuances of coffee are extracted.

The distinctive design of this coffee maker has been awarded by designers of the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the best designs of modern times, and can even be found on display as a work of design art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. (MoMA).

Today we bring you a few simple steps so you can prepare it at home and thus enjoy this elegant cup rich in nuances!


How to prepare the perfect coffee with a Chemex

1) Place the filter on the coffee maker and clean it with water at 92ºC to remove impurities. Once cleaned, discard the water.

2) Add the ground coffee in the filter and distribute it evenly.

3) Slowly pour water into the center of the filter, making small circles to moisten all the coffee but trying not to flood it at any time.

4) Wait about 20 seconds for the water from the previous step to filter and then add water again, this time making larger circles. Add water until about two centimeters from the edge of the filter.

5) Use a spoon to stir the coffee and prevent it from plugging the filter.

6) When the drip is paused, we can remove the filter, and the coffee will be ready to serve!


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The Decaffeinato variety presents a blend of 100% Arabica coffees decaffeinated by a natural method, which give very rich nuances in the cup, with citrus and floral notes in aroma, perfect for making with Chemex.

With 100% organic coffee and compostable packaging, the pleasure of enjoying coffee has never been so responsible!


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