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Summer is synonymous of vacation, meeting, going out, seeing the world and traveling, but given the current limitations, many #CoffeeLovers will have to postpone their travel to visit some of the most coffee-growing countries in the world, such as Brazil, Colombia or Indonesia…

What if we tell you that we have found a way to experience some of the sensations of these trips without leaving home? For this we propose you to make a sensory trip through our coffees, and what better way to do it than with Café de Finca.

If we talk about Café de Finca, we are talking about a way of understanding the coffee cultivation process, the farmer’s techniques, the terroir, the botanical varieties and the processing formulas of his native region. Savoring Café de Finca allows us to know the history and essence of its region of origin, making us travel around the world while having our cup of coffee.

Let yourself be carried away by the aromas and textures of Café de Finca and dare to travel with the palate, discovering the nuances of the most coffee-growing countries from home. Today we present three of the most exclusive varieties that you can find on our website, so that you can start drawing your travel itinerary!

Brasil – Cerrado

Specialty coffee from the producer Monteccer in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Mina Gerais in Brazil. This region have been the first in Brazil to receive Protected Designation of Origin status. It is an Arabica coffee of the Bourbon variety grown at 1000-1300 meters high and treated with a drying process. We find honeyed notes of caramel and musician’s desserts, a flavor of cereals and nuts, light citric acidity, a remarkable body and a milk chocolate aftertaste.

Colombia – La Guamera

Specialty coffee from the La Guamera farm in the Department of Caldas situated in the center of the most important coffee axis in Colombia. For more than 25 years, this hacienda has been producing a quality soft coffee, nuanced with the rich flavors and aromas that the Colombian mountains give. Appreciated for its aromatic complexity, this batch combines soft notes of honey and walnut with notes of cocoa and red berries. It has a delicate, silky and wide mid palate, with a remarkable citric acidity and aftertaste reminiscent of aromatic jungle herbs.

Indonesia – Java Island

Specialty coffee from the Mont Argopuro Jember region on the Java Island in Indonesia, one of the robusta coffee regions most appreciated by professional tasters and where 12% of Indonesian coffee is produced. In this coffee we find a fragrance of noble wood and cloves, while in aroma we see notes of chamomile flower and cereals. The cup shows a remarkable intensity and is far away from the cups that star in the new wave of coffee, which are unquestionably of marked acidity. This strong but elegant coffee, soft but with caffeine, with primary but quality aromas, provides a unique cup with great flavor.

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