The Perfect Coffee


Have you ever tried a coffee made with a French Press? You may know it as a plunger pot or cafetiere, and you may even have used it other times to make infusions. The truth is that the French press is a type of coffee maker with which you can obtain an excellent cup of coffee easily and quickly.

This method consists of preparing coffee by letting it steep in hot water and then gently pressing it at the end. Through this system, we can better preserve the natural oils of coffee and we manage to obtain a full-bodied cup with an intense flavor.

Today we bring you some simple steps so you can prepare it at home and thus enjoy this intense and energizing cup to start the week with strength!


How to prepare the perfect coffee with a French Press

1) Place the French press coffee maker on a level surface. Remove the plunger with the filter from the bowl and set it aside.

2) Add a spoon of ground coffee to the container. Keep in mind that for each tablespoon of coffee, we will need 150 or 200 ml of water, approximately.

3) Heat the necessary amount of water depending on the amount of coffee you have added. Once hot, wait for the water to settle for a minute.

4) Add the water over the ground coffee and stir gently.

5) Put the plunger back with the filter just above the water and the ground coffee.

6) Let the coffee and water mixture stand for about 4 minutes.

7) Gently press the plunger down to the bottom of the coffee maker, and everything will be set to serve and taste the coffee!


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