Food safety policy



Food safety and quality policy


At CAFÈS NOVELL, S.A., as a company that is dedicated to the selection and design of blends, roasting, packaging and marketing of coffee and the marketing of coffee accessories, we want to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, both internal and external, as well as the strategies and commitments of the company itself.
The company’s mission is to seduce the senses with a perfect cup of coffee in the world of the restaurants, companies and the home. While the Vision is to be a family company with a strong brand and recognised at international level, a reference in terms of quality, innovation, responsibility, and food safety, which cares for the people in its organisation, with coffee its as its driving force.

For CAFÈS NOVELL, S.A. the quality and safety of food is essential for sustainability and customer and consumer confidence.
This is why the General Management assumes some PRINCIPLES and COMMITMENTS, aligned in the strategic management of the organisation:


* Manufacture and market products, which satisfy the requirements and expectations in terms of FOOD QUALITY and SAFETY, of LEGISLATION, CUSTOMERS and CONSUMERS.


* Implement measures and conditions necessary to control HAZARDS so they do not harm health, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, and to ensure the food safety of our products.


* Establish the necessary COMMUNICATION channels, both internal and external, in order to ensure the safety of the products.


* COLLABORATION with customers and suppliers in our process of continuous improvement.


* OPTIMISE the management of processes, technical resources, human resources, knowledge and infrastructures.


* STAND OUT in the market for the quality of our products.


* The CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of the FS&Q Management system, as a key factor of the company.


* Ensure and preserve an ethic (values) both internally and externally. These values have been defined as: customer orientation, social responsibility and innovation.


* Be responsible for the whole staff on its mission.


* Compliance with applicable LAWS on human rights, rights and conditions labor, health and safety and environmental protection.

*  Guarantee the TRACEABILITY and accounting of certified and conventional volumes.

*  Existence of a complaint mechanism available for individuals, customers, employees, etc.

*  Follow-up of the guiding principles of the ONU by companies and human rights.

The Management has made the purpose of maintaining the FS&Q MANAGEMENT SYSTEM as a tool for the implementation of the commitments made.
The policy provides a reference framework with which to establish and review measurable OBJECTIVES to support the food safety and quality of products.
This quality policy is reviewed periodically and jointly in the revision of the system.
The Management is committed to communicating and implementing this policy at all levels of the organization.


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