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The only way to innovate is to be constantly searching and analysing market trends. Our commercial network is undoubtedly a key source to have first hand information on what’s happening in the sector.

Once a need has been detected, our innovation department starts to search for the best solution possible, which will pass through different tests to ensure its viability. It could be a new product release, a new service or a new way of doing things. Whatever it is, our aim is to convert it into a competitive advantage for Cafés Novell.

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We make every possible effort to foster the fair trade and organic cultivation of certified coffee. In this regard, we have been selected by different business schools as an example of Corporate Social Responsibility, and have won an array of awards in this field.

Our commitment to responsibility is centred on sustainability from origin to end customer. We want to grow our company supporting those people involved in the process along the way, especially those belonging to local communities in the countries of origin. For us, our compostable capsules are the best example of this responsibility of which we are so proud.


Coffee shops, cafés, offices, companies and individuals. These are our customers, we never stop searching for new ideas, products and maximum quality services that allow us to continue perfecting the experience of enjoying the best coffee.

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