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This new phase of Cafés Novell in its commitment to sustainability, closes the circle of responsible coffee consumption after its launch in 2017 of the first compostable coffee capsule on the Spanish market.

“We have been advancing until we achieved a well-made product in every respect: 100% compostable and 100% organic certification. Furthermore, the sealing of these capsules keeps the coffee in the best possible condition and quality,” says Josep Novell, Financial Director of Cafés Novell.

The new organic No Waste product line is an innovative project that has the utmost respect for the environment and the coffee consumers. The new design eliminates the previous plastic flowpack packaging that contained and preserved the coffee capsules. This stage reduces the amount of cardboard used for the packaging by up to 45%, and which in turn is 100% recyclable. The new Cafés Novell capsules are 100% airtight allowing the coffee to conserve all its properties in the same way aluminium did. They are also Zero waste meaning no damage to the environment and much healthier for the consumer.

Cafés Novell is the only brand to offer a range of 100% organic coffee that is certified and sustainable. The coffees have been produced under the ecological farming system with no use of chemical herbicides or pesticides, guaranteeing the conservation of natural resources and helping to reduce pollution and care for our living environment.

The new No Waste capsules from Cafés Novell are disposed of into organic waste. The composting process takes between 12 to 20 weeks in conditions of industrial composting. For this reason, the capsules are returned to the earth as fertiliser in a short space of time, offering an alternative to the future environmental impact caused by aluminium and plastic.

Cafés Novell has made an investment of more than 1.5M and has been researching the development of its 100% compostable No Waste coffee capsules for more than four years, thus confirming its firm commitment to the domestic coffee market, as well as its already established pledge to the environment and the consumer. An attitude that is strongly backed by the market: since the company first launched the first compostable capsule in pain two years ago its sales have seen an increase of 60%.

“Cafés Novell has 60 years of experience in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, and for over two years we have been bringing the of world coffee machines into the home. This is where we excel, in guaranteeing the highest quality coffee, controlling the whole process from the plantation to the roasting and the materials used for packaging, which are all completely sustainable”, explains Ramon Novell, Manager of Cafés Novell.

Flavours to suit all tastes.

Apart from the new No Waste organic product line, Cafés Novell has extended its range of coffee capsules with the objective of adapting to the tastes of all its customers. Therefore, from last October, three new varieties have been added to the the flavours Intenso and Descafeinado , these are: Più Aroma, Cremoso and Ristretto. These new 100% organic and sustainable coffee flavours have a high product quality at a very competitive price. The name of these varieties comes printed into the capsules along with the reference to their condition of compostable.

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