The Novell World

The world of Cafès Novell is all about seducing people’s senses through the perfect cup of coffee in a restaurant, in a coffee shop, at work, at home or anywhere else where you may fancy one. Since 1958, Cafès Novell selects the best coffee beans from the world leading coffee growing regions to roast them at the optimal level and obtain the perfect espresso.


The company was founded in 1958 by Mr Ramon Novell Vivó. Since its beginnings Cafès Novell always excelled for its commitment to constantly select the bests beans that result in an exquisite cup, with a delicate bouquet and a unique aromatic profile. During the 90s, the company increased its manufacturing facilities and started expanding throughout Spain, opening subsidiaries in Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Bilbao, Málaga, Ibiza and Canarias. In 2011, the first international subsidiary of Cafès Novell opened in Italy, and it was recently followed by other offices in Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Mission, vision and values

At Cafès Novell we know for certain where we are going: our mission is to seduce all the people’s senses with the perfect cup of coffee, resulting from our years of expertise and our sense of contribution to the culture of coffee. This goal can only be achieved by leading the high-end sector of the foodservice industry and by investing both in training and in the integral development of a working system that results in the best product and the best service. Our philosophy is based on a set of strong values that we try to convey in each and every action:


  • Customer satisfaction


  • Excitement in the service


  • Proactive attitude


  • A strong and motivated team


  • Flexibility and adaptation


Group structure

The Novell group is structured in different companies which, in turn, act as different business units. Foodservice, both as capsules and whole bean coffee; Vending, both for offices and plants; Capsules for the home; Catering for the cession and renting of machinery to be used at private events; and the Clubs del Café, which are franchises from Cafès Novell that offer exclusive blends and coffees.

Additionally, Cafès Novell has created a different brand for each of the complementary added-value products that are offered to the Foodservice industry.

Awards and Certifications

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policies are implied in our company values.

Two paths, one objective. 


Cafès Novell works together with UTZ Certified and Fair Trade to promote sustainable coffee farming and consumption. These two international entities certify the worldwide production of responsible coffee.


– Control of the entire farming and collection process.

– Code of conduct that includes economic, social and environmental standards.

– Guarantees a fair salary for both workers and producers.


Cafés Novell has Quality Certification ISO 9001 in its production center of Vilafranca del Penedès (Polígon Industrial Estació de Mercaderies) and its commercial offices in Barcelona (Marina 179)


Novell around the world

Cafès Novell is currently present in various international markets in three main ways: through its own Subsidiaries, through Joint Ventures or via Distribution Agreements. The first international office was set in Italy, where the Novell Global Coffee Concept was greatly accepted and reached many clients both in Milano and Rome. Same thing happened in the UK, a market we are present in since 2015 in cities like London, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester. In Asia Cafès Novell has a Joint Venture with a British group, which involves the opening of 30 coffee shops in China and Hong Kong by 2017.


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