Decaffeinato No Waste Coffee Beans (250 g): 100% organic with 100% compostable packaging


Main properties:
Decaffeinated organic natural coffee beans, with a 100% compostable packaging.
IT MUST BE DISPOSED OF with organic waste.

Consumer recommendations:
For those who want to enjoy coffee at any time of the day. Designed for grinding at home and perfect for all types of coffee preparations: Espresso, Moka, Chemex, V60, etc.

Origin and characteristics:
The Decaffeinato variety presents a selection of organic Arabica coffees that give identical cup nuances to those of a great espresso, with citrus and floral aromatic notes. The completely natural decaffeination process makes it an impeccable espresso, with no chemical aftertaste.

Contains 250 g of decaffeinated organic coffee beans, in a compostable pack complying with EN13432
Available in ground coffee format (CLICK to see more)

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