Main properties:
Pai Mu Tan organic white tea pyramid infusion (ingredients: Pai Mu Tan white tea).

Consumer recommendations:
leave for 2 minutes to infuse.

Origin and characteristics:
The plant grows in the mountains of Fejian, at an altitude of 6,000 metres. It is made from the first, and most tender buds, which are carefully picked in spring by hand, one by one, before they open.

Tea with a floral aroma, it should be prepared at a low temperature (70º) and infused for no longer than two minutes. This tea has the lowest level of theine. The buds are covered in a white fuzz, almost like a subtle skin of snow, from where it gets its name. For centuries it was reserved exclusively for the emperor and his close relatives. It was believed that it contained the secret to eternal youth.

30 pyramid tea bags.

Format: Pyramid

Type: TEA

Quantity per box: 30

Organic: Yes

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