Road to excellence

Apple's Case Study

Apple chose Cafès Novell as an example of successful business implementation of the Ipad and explained in a case study how we embraced this device as a tool for our sales force.


We have developed two apps specially conceived to ease customer management processes and monitor their needs and requests. One of them, besides being used as a customer relationship tool and data base, features a coffee shop simulator in which our clients can easily visualize the revenue increase that our products bring to their business. Our second app was designed instead as a detailed catalog of all the products and items that we can offer to our clients.


Cafès Novell constantly tracks market trends through the analysis of the market itself and through the information gathered by our sales force, which is always in direct contact with the industry. Hence, our innovation process is always triggered by the market and the different unmet demands that we spot.

After this thorough analysis, we start with the design of the product or service, which is subsequently tested by some customers to ensure viability. Once we finally implement it, this process leads us to the creation of a competitive advantage for Cafès Novell.

Social Responsibility

Our high committment to social responsibility has lead us to obtain responsible coffee certifications for our products and to strongly advocate for fairtrade. Cafès Novell has been selected by various business schools as an example of commendable CSR policies and has won several awards in this field.

Customer Orientation

The strong value that we place in our clients has led us to constantly develop new ideas, products and services to make our clients’ businesses set the highest standards in the Foodservice industry.