Novell Training

Training Center

Following our comprehensive approach to customer relationship management, at Cafès Novell we offer a very powerful tool for professional improvement in the Foodservice industry. At our training centers customers can refresh their knowldge and learn about the most advanced techniques in the coffee world. Throughout our training sessions we address different topics that will help you garner the most from our coffee and achieve the perfect cup, while also looking at other aspects that go beyond the coffee itself, such as customer service and machinery maintenance.



In order to cover all the parts of the manufacturing process, from the package to the cup, the training sessions are structured in different areas:

Multimedia Room
Theoretical training through different videos and presentations
Coffee Grinder Adjustments
Adjustment of the grind size and the different kinds of grinds
Parameters and measures to obtain the perfect espresso
Beverage Preparation
Correct making of the most popular summer and winter beverages

Our training center was also conceived as a line of communication between the company and different industry experts in both directions; a space to foster the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences. At Cafès Novell we firmly believe that counseling is a key part of our relationship with the customer, and we try to expand our services by also providing them with the support of our coffeemen and by giving training sessions at various hostelry schools.