Compostable Capsules

Cafes Novell presents the REVOLUTION: Nespresso® compatible capsules that leave no trace, the only mark they leave is in your palate. Compostable Capsules certified by the EN13432 Law, which in industrial composting conditions get fully degraded in a 12-20 weeks period time. After its use they must be disposed in the organic bin. Inside the capsule you will find a blend of ORGANIC COFFEE adding body, flavour, strenght and creaminess to your cup of coffee.


The CAPSULE that awakens your conscience. Do you want to join the REVOLUTION?

Using our experience in the Horeca market, we present to you these Nespresso® compatible capsules, finding the solution to the big problem in the coffee capsules usage: waste generation. As the sustainable consumption experts say, the best waste is the one that it’s not being generated. And that is exactly what our new capsules are: THE ZERO WASTE CAPSULES.




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